Enchanted Valley Farm has translated the "full" food feeling from the white flour full feeling into the live food feeling by producing a complete line of foods that provide a total protein, vitamin & mineral fulfillment for the necessary daily requirements we all need in a wonderfully tasty assortment of “fast foods”!When we are running on total body electric, we command our lives! and just how is that balance achieved? By being the best finely tuned, the highest energy, the most joyous being in the space we hold. The human being functions optimally at a pH balance that is on a little teeter totter level found somewhere between acid & alkaline which brings health into perfection. This level eliminates the candida/cancer factor, it allows the organs to perform optimally and generally makes for a superbly happy human being.


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Herb Food: The Java yayaz

Our herb food is grown here on the farm and tested (many times) in our kitchen, as well as many ‘testors’ we invite for taste tests, before we offer it to you.

Locally we are known as the Java YaYaz of the Enchanted Valley Farm and we create many delicious products, but online, we have perfected some of them for your consumption. Eat! Enjoy! And know all our foods are organic, non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian and paleo.

Dog food: bark best 

Real food is ALWAYS going to be better than processed food (kibble). Of course you have to make sure its healthy, it took us months to work out our recipe to make sure several things were in order before it could be offered to your dog. We took the hard work out of home cooking for your dog. The result? well try it for yourself you can SEE the difference in your dog!

Herb wellness: Purabella

Purabella’s Herbs are wildcrafted at over 8,000 feet ‘neath the clear blue skies in the pristine, sunny mountains of Southwest Colorado. Our mission is to create the highest quality skin care products & tinctures from entirely locally, handmade ingredients. All naturally wild sourced & created with great LOVE. 

herbal juice: zhingasips

ZhinghaSips is our brand name for our easy, non-gmo, vegan juice powders.

We offer the following juice powders:
Berry Berry BluGreen – green drink, Buzz – Energy Boost, Verry Verry Green-very green drink, Razzleberry – Immunity, Rejuve _ Detox


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  • "Our dogs are over the moon about their new food. I...

    "Our dogs are over the moon about their new food. I think we told you that Sheba is picky, picky, picky. We have tried dozens of foods and visited with the vet several times about it. His advice to us was “don’t try different foods—that’s letting her run the show. Just pick one and when she gets hungry enough, she’ll meet it.” We tried that, but the only way we could reliably get her to eat was to give her hugs before and after. Now I’m wondering if we have the right vet!

    With your food, Sheba is not only not waiting for hugs, but she is also not waiting for us to feed her! One day, she figured out how to get into the bag and helped herself to a nice snack. When we repackaged it and moved it, she figured out how to get to it. A big “thud” alerted us to her intentions and we got there before she could do any damage. We’ve had to resort to moving it to the top of the fridge. This is shocking for a dog that simply hated meal time just a few weeks ago! I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to see how incredibly happy both Sheba and Joco are each day at mealtime. I’ve never seen such tail wags! Joco works herself into a frenzy of excitement that involves all manner of leaping around and squealing. It’s ridiculous and wonderful!"

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • "In all my years of living with pain, I have never found any assistant that works as well as your...

    "In all my years of living with pain, I have never found any assistant that works as well as your incredible Aaaahh! believe me, I tried them all, ingestibles, rub ons, injectibles, addictibles, but really this has become my go-to when beginning my day! All my adult life Ive suffered from an all consuming arthritic pain all over my joints. And now, with a one 2 minute session of applying the cream on my feet, I have found total relief! the only time I realize it is when I need to re-apply which is 3 times daily. No big deal because I am knowing its a healthy way to feeling better without concern about side effects. Thank you Aaaahh maker geniuses!"

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



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