Herb Medicine: Purabella

                                   Purabella's Herbs are wildcrafted at over 8,000 feet 'neath the clear blue skies in the pristine, sunny mountains of Southwest Colorado. Our mission is to create the highest quality skin care products & tinctures                                                                         from entirely locally, handmade ingredients.

It's all about the herbs! There are just so many here.

So, what to do with all of them?

First, we made pesto.

A LOT of it.

Then, essential extractions of course!
The herbs are extracted fresh for a full 30 days then percolated to obtain an extremely potent strength... then further concentrated so the elixir you get is super effective & works so well.

It's an HERBAL PARADISE here in Pagosa Springs. On the top of the hill, in the shadow of Broken Off Mountain. Medicinal herbs especially seem to like the cool, sunny, high altitudes, clean air, good water, temperate climate & tender loving care.

Most of the herbs in the elixirs are found locally, while some are exotic and imported. For example, Ginseng & Gynostemma are the CROWN of the CORE herbs and incredible plants! Both ancient herbs are adaptogens that balance whatever is out of tune, used for increasing longevity and quality of life by restoring equilibrium to your body's insulin production, cardiovascular & respiratory systems, mental acuity, & flexibility. SUPER POTENT!

AND they just plain TASTE SO GOOD!

All of the skin products are infused with the herbal elixirs for ease of dosing, readily absorbed with the added advantage of gently moisturizing with chemical-free handcrafted creams and lotions.


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