Herbal Juice: Zhingasips

Creating powerful Health the EASY WAY

Before the days of "MODERN" medicine, WISE people used berries, roots & herbs along with good food to stay healthy.

There was very little dis-ease to treat because of this knowledge. It served as a general panacea for excellent health.

Nowdays, the "BUSINESS" of the medical profession & THE "PINK RIBBON" INDUSTRIAL complex as well as the unquestioning respect for our physicians, places us in a very precarious position.

We are not encouraged to doubt or request a "second opinion."

All imbalances(diseases) are treated not with a natural course of herbal medicines that our bodies are able to process without significant side effects.

The pathway of choice is petro- pharma chemicals that treat the effects of an imbalance by masking the symptoms but do nothing to address the root of the imbalance.

IT'S not a question of IF I  will I have cancer its really a question of WHEN! but! and this is something your doctor will not tell you.

You CAN make your body so healthy, it will not be able to succumb to any disease.

Its much more simple to STAY healthy than to GET WELL. It really is a travesty that we do't often have the professional guidance we deserve from our physicians. the FDA says food can not be a medicine. But with cancer occurring in every other person, we need to hear our options.

PHASE 1..... DETOX a little EVERYDAY , after all we tox to the max all the time and never notice it. Air, solvents, fake food, water, PLUS GIANT PHARMA does have it's share as well.

PHASE 2 .... BUILD IMMUNITY use your juice to feed your cells, clean your organs, rejuvenate .It is so easy to roll back the years, stay healthy, be the superbeings we are called upon to be now.

PHASE 3 .... LEARN the new style required for extreme LIFE of LIGHT



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