Herb Food: The Java yayaz

Our herb food is grown here on the farm and tested (many times) in our kitchen, as well as many ‘testors’ we invite for taste tests, before we offer it to you.

Locally we are known as the Java YaYaz of the Enchanted Valley Farm and we create many delicious products, but online, we have perfected some of them for your consumption. Eat! Enjoy! And know all our foods are organic, non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian and paleo.

Herb wellness: Purabella

Purabella’s Herbs are wildcrafted at over 8,000 feet ‘neath the clear blue skies in the pristine, sunny mountains of Southwest Colorado. Our mission is to create the highest quality skin care products & tinctures from entirely locally, handmade ingredients. All naturally wild sourced & created with great LOVE. 

Dog food: bark best 

Real food is ALWAYS going to be better than processed food (kibble). Of course you have to make sure its healthy, it took us months to work out our recipe to make sure several things were in order before it could be offered to your dog. We took the hard work out of home cooking for your dog. The result? well try it for yourself you can SEE the difference in your dog!

herbal juice: zhingasips

ZhinghaSips is our brand name for our easy, non-gmo, vegan juice powders.

We offer the following juice powders:
Berry Berry BluGreen – green drink, Buzz – Energy Boost, Verry Verry Green-very green drink, Razzleberry – Immunity, Rejuve _ Detox


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